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Information briefs

Information briefs

What’s "air-chilled" poultry? What do chickens eat? Are chickens fed hormones? From egg to chicken

What’s "air-chilled" poultry?
Once poultry is slaughtered, it must be cooled rapidly. There are two ways of doing this: air chilling in a refrigerated room and water cooling in an ice water tank. Air-chilled poultry contains less water and shrinks less during cooking. Some people think it also tastes better.

What do chickens eat?
Chicken feed is largely (88%) made up of grains and cereal by-products. Therefore, all chickens can be considered "grain-fed." Vitamins and minerals are also added to make up for nutritional deficiencies.

Are chickens fed hormones?
Poultry products do not contain hormones. The administration of hormones in any form to chickens has been forbidden in Canada since the 1960s.

From egg to chicken
An egg takes 21 days to hatch. On the day it hatches, the chick is transferred from the hatchery to the henhouse.

It’s then raised freely (not caged) in a clean, well-ventilated environment where the temperature and humidity are controlled. There, it can eat and drink as much as it wants and move around at will on ground covered with straw or soft, dry wood shavings.

It takes an average of about 40 days to raise a chicken weighing just less than 2 kg (4.4 lbs.).