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Under the tree: Our cookbooks for kids

Under the tree: Our cookbooks for kids

Eye-catching, fascinating and inexpensive, recipe books for children make a popular as well as practical gift choice.

During Christmas vacation, they’ll keep your kids busy browsing through them and trying out recipes. They also help teach youngsters the basics of cooking, and with a little imagination, you can transform the results into a superb gift to offer your host at a party. Here are a few suggestions for outstanding French-language cookbooks, from Quebec and elsewhere, that adults will also enjoy. Happy cooking!

Boîte à lunch en saveurs et en couleurs, Céline Malépart
This Quebec illustrator has put out a number of books that delight kids. Whether you’re a fan of chicken brochettes, sandwiches or cupcakes, you’ll want to explore this colourful cookbook series.
Ages: 7 years and up
Mandoline, j'ai ça dans le sang, Nathalie Régimbald
Discover a series of books in which the author, a nutritionist specialized in early childhood and a mother of three, encourages youngsters to make healthy meals. Packed with ideas for clever eating!
Ages: 18 months and up
La cuillère d'argent pour les enfants, Amanda Grant
Taking inspiration from La cuillère d'argent, a bible of Italian cooking, this version for kids offers recipes sure to win them over, with charming illustrations and a brief overview of ingredients. You can bet that pasta will be on the menu during the Holidays!
Ages: 9 years and up, or younger with adult supervision
Clafoutine: Dinde recherche farce désespérément, Nadia Bazinet and Nancy Bélanger
This Quebec series, a big hit among the little ones, presents Clafoutine and her friends. Each instalment features a comical adventure, along with culinary concepts and recipe cards for cooking turkey, fish and other delights.
Ages: 4 to 8 years
Le petit chef: Fêtes d'enfants, multiple authors
This series from Héritage Jeunesse helps children become independent by introducing them to the joys of cooking. With its festive theme, this work is also perfectly suited to the Holidays. 
Ages: 6 years and up