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Activities: Get set for outdoor fun!

Activities: Get set for outdoor fun!

Planning a family picnic, or simply an afternoon at the park? Perfect! Here are some outdoor games that require no equipment and offer great entertainment for children and adults. If you can persuade other kids to join your family, the more the merrier.

1, 2, 3 catch!

The aim of this game is to count to fifty while throwing around a ball. Have your guests stand in a circle, at a distance from one another equivalent to their outstretched arms. The first player throws the ball and shouts "one!". The person who catches shouts "two!", and so on. If someone fumbles the ball, you must start over at one. This is a great learning game for children, but don't tell them that...

Simon says

Using your surroundings for inspiration, play the outdoor version of the children's game "Simon says". For example, Simon says "Kiss a tree", Simon says "Pick a dandelion", or Simon says "Beat your arms and quack like a duck." If you obey an instruction that's not preceded by "Simon says", you lose your turn. The sillier the instructions get, the more laughs you - and the other park visitors - will hear.

Treasure hunt

Also using your surroundings for inspiration, organize a treasure hunt and ask each participant to bring you five to ten objects, e.g. a cloverleaf, a flat rock, a fern, a pine cone, a maple leaf, etc. The first to return with all the objects you requested wins the game. The prize can be a simple pat on the back, or a special treat you brought along for this purpose. This entertaining game is also ideal for developing kids' observation skills.

Rollingon the grass

This game is preferably played before eating. Ask your participants to lie on the ground in a straight line about three feet from one another. Mark a finish line about 15 or 20 feet away, then get them rolling! The goal is to roll to the finish line while remaining horizontal, and it's harder (and funnier) that you might think. Watch out for collisions, and long live laundry detergent!

Spider race

Mark a finish line about 30 feet from the starting line, then ask the participants to bend over until their hands touch the ground. The goal is for them to walk or run to the finish line on their hands and feet, like a four-footed spider. Too easy for your little athletes? Get them to run backwards in the same position. And the prize goes to...

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