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Flamingo Joins the Mythical Boys Nights!

Your busy work and family schedule entitles you to a all-boys hockey night! Take advantage of this “time off” to prepare some meals that your friends will want to enjoy over and over again.

Saturday, 5:00 p.m.: Despite the snow that is relentlessly pounding the whole city, Alex does not hesitate to get out of the house to go food shopping. Nothing will stop him from stocking on BBQ and Buffalo chicken wings and on plain chicken chunkies because tonight's the big night: it's his turn to have his friends over for your favorite team's game.

5:55 p.m.:

  • Alex starts preparing supper with his famous Guinness sauce that makes his friends dream every time they detect its delicious smell.
  • If your team fail to score during the first period, Alex offers his guests his Cajun sauce to spice up their soirée.
  • His Maple barbecue dip also contributes to the festive ambiance that accompanies the game.

6:30 p.m.: His four friends arrive at the same time, carrying drinks, to better support their favourite team. Comfortably seated on couches, the five friends are finally ready to enjoy this evening so carefully organized by Alex.

Saturday, 7:30 p.m.: With keen appetites, the boys are enjoying their Flamingo wings and chunkies in front of the TV! Let the game begin!