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Recipes:  Entertain with flair and flavour

Recipes: Entertain with flair and flavour

While turkey reigns as queen on the Christmas dinner table, feeding your guests in style also involves hors d'oeuvres, either with cocktails or as an appetizer. For the occasion, our chef has cooked up a few appetizing ideas, along with easy recipes for stuffing.

Turkey and stuffing go hand in hand. Whether made the traditional way or using more exotic ingredients, our favourite stuffing recipes are designed to bring out the delicate flavours of your Christmas turkey.

Sausage stuffing with fruits and nuts
Ready in 15 minutes

Apple, bacon and spice stuffing
Sublime sweet and salty flavours

Potato and ground pork
A classic adored by all

Butter and Fine Herbs Stuffing
Our turkey and this stuffing make the perfect pair

Long live tapas! Our popular breaded chicken gets a trendy makeover with these Mini brochettes with chicken chunkies and grilled bell peppers. Serve them as is or arrange them in dessert cups with a dollop of your favourite dip in the bottom.
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So long cranberry sauce! Served with a delightfully different chutney of apple, raisins and spices, our Chicken strips with sweet and spicy apple ketchup make a delectable and innovative appetizer.
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Crispy and juicy apples, flavourful Oka cheese and our Black Forest shaved smoked turkey-all you need to make Crunchy turkey bites with apple and Oka cheese, gorgeous chilled hors d'oeuvres featuring a trio of iconic Quebec foods.
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