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Calculator to the rescue!

Calculator to the rescue

Do you go through the same thing every year? For many, the thought of running out of snacks is more stressful than the final score. To estimate how much food you'll need for your guests, our snack calculator will save the day. Now, if we could only find an application to help us with the players....

Snack calculator

Event: Championship game of your favourite sport on TV
Duration: 3 hours
Enter the number of guests (Men(s), Women(s), Children(s)).
  Men(s)   Women(s)   Children(s)  
  Flamingo Chicken Chunkies (1 box of Chicken Nuggets = about 20 units)      
  Flamingo Chicken Wings (1 box of Chicken Wings = about 16 units)      
  Dips or sauces for snacks        
  Salads, raw vegetables or starches
(pasta, rice, potato)
  Beer and alcohol        
  Soft drinks, juices or milk        

Let's cut the political correctness and be honest: if your party is attended mostly by guys, you'll need more meat and fewer vegetables that's just the way it is. By using the calulator below, you'll be in a better position to plan your munchies accordingly.