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Lunchbox ABC’s 2012

Lunchbox ABC's

With these five suggestions, you can easily prepare lunches your child will adore.

With these five suggestions, you can easily prepare lunches your child will adore.

1. Less is more
A child might feel overwhelmed by a huge helping, and only take a bite or two of the meal you prepared with so much care. Think small: sandwiches sliced in fingers, wraps reduced to bite-size chunks, brochette pieces speared on a toothpick, pre-cut fruit and veggies, fruit salad, etc.

2. Wrap it up
It’s a fact: kids love sandwiches. But why limit yourself to the white bread sandwich cut in quarters? Consider tortillas, such as this quick recipe using apples from your pick-your-own outing, or plain bagels, panini, mini-pitas, raisin bread, naan bread, rolled lavash, etc. How about peanut butter between slices of banana bread? Now there’s a sandwich!

3. Add to the appeal
Today’s lunch accessories are cool, colourful and totally loved by kids. Add pizzas to their lunchbox with a range of enchanting accessories you can use to fill a treasure chest they can’t wait to explore.

We suggest a lunchbox with a built-in cooler, a salad container with a compartment for the dressing, a juice container in eye-catching colours, as well as an all-in-one utensil kit.

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4. Make room, please
Set aside an area in your fridge and in your cupboard to store the ingredients needed for your child’s lunchbox. You’ll find this habit comes in handy for quick meal preparation, as well as quick detection of items out of stock!

5. Think efficiency
For sure, it’s a good idea to cook extra at suppertime so you can use the leftovers for the next day’s lunch. Don’t stop there! Try doubling or even tripling your side dishes such as pasta or rice, and recycle the remainder in a scrumptious salad to add to your child’s lunchbox. Other suggestions: Scale up your recipes for muffins and dessert breads, wrap them in single servings and keep them in the freezer. Chop up extra vegetables at suppertime and add the rest, with a dip, to the next day’s lunch. Instant crudités!