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Olymel receives Dux Award for Flamingo Quisine products
Olymel receives Dux Award for Flamingo Quisine products

Olymel garnered a DUX 2015 Award in recognition of the excellence of the new Flamingo Quisine line of products at the 3rd edition of the DUX Gala which was held in Montreal on January 21 and attended by more than 400 food industry professionals. The DUX program aims to celebrate initiatives that contribute to improving of the public's health through food. Olymel took home top honours in the New Food Products/Large Food Production or Processing Company. The contest jury concluded that Flamingo Quisine products have very high market penetration potential and offer an interesting alternative to a restaurant meal or home delivery. The product outclassed its competitors and was described as practical and made with quality ingredients, offering three bold new flavours that rely on a mixture of spices rather than high sodium content.

Launched last September, the new Flamingo Quisine line of frozen chicken with sauces in international flavours (Indian Butter Chicken, Mexicana Chicken and Thai Chicken) had already received the Food Innovation Award from the Conseil de la transformation agroalimentaire et des produits de consommation (CTAC) on November 26. This is also the second time Olymel has earned recognition from DUX. In 2013, Olymel received the DUX award in the Improved Food Products category for its major initiative to reduce the sodium in all processed poultry products manufactured by the company.

These awards are the result of outstanding work by several teams at Olymel, and Olymel President and CEO, Réjean Nadeau, extended his congratulations in particular to Lise Gagnon, Vice President, Marketing, Research and Development; Laura Pene, Manager, Strategy and Development, Products; Guylaine Lacroix, R&D Manager, Processed Poultry, Innovation, Packaging; and Véronique Lagüe, R&D Project Manager; and their respective teams and all operations employees in the processed poultry sector. Thanks to the commitment of all these people, Olymel continues to innovate, renew its products and brands, and find novel ways to respond to consumer expectations.