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We know how important a kid’s birthday party is. Here are some ideas to celebrate your incredible kids!

Here are some outdoor games that don’t require a lot of equipment, and that are a lot of fun for young and old alike at any birthday party. Of course, if you can get some more kids to join your family, all the better. Lots of laughs, a bit of physical play and a whole lot of fun guaranteed!

1… 2… 3… catch!

The object of the game is to count to 50 while catching a balloon. Everyone stands in a circle, arm’s length apart. The first person throws the ball and says “1”, the second says “2”, and so on. When someone drops the balloon, they have to start all over again at 1. Actually it’s quite the educational exercise for kids but shhh!, that’ll be our little secret.

Simon says

Using your surroundings as a source of inspiration, reinvent the game Simon says!  For instance: Simon says “Go hug the tree”, Simon says “Find a dandelion”, Simon says “Flap your arms and quack like a duck”. Anyone who moves when the leader doesn’t say “Simon says” is out. The funnier the commands, the more of a hoot for the players. And for the other park users, too!

Treasure hunt

Once again being inspired by your surroundings, organize a treasure hunt asking participants to come back with 5 to 10 objects, for example: a clover flower, a flat rock, a fern, a pine cone, a maple leaf, etc. The first kid to come back with all the objects wins. They can compete just for the sake of competition or for a treat that you prepared ahead of time. This super fun game is great for developing the power of observation.


(Best played before eating!) Ask players to lie down on the ground along a straight line, 3 feet apart.  Establish a finish line 15 to 20 feet away, and they’re off!  The goal is to roll your way over the finish line first, which, it turns out, is a lot harder than it looks. Extreme risk of pile ups… and thank goodness for laundry detergent!

Spider race

After establishing a finish line about 10 metres away, get players to bend over until their hands touch the ground. The goal is to walk or run to the finish line on your feet and hands, like a 4-legged spider. Too easy for your elite lawn athletes? Get them to do it backwards instead! And the gold medal goes to…


birthday bbq

Plan on having an outdoor party, where you can take advantage of the pool, the deck, and most of all, the barbecue! To make your child’s birthday a real success, it takes some planning. Here’s some advice that’ll help make your party a real hit with the kids.

What are we eating?

On this topic, best to keep it simple. For snacks, serve fresh veggies and dip. For the main event, time to turn to your best friend, the barbecue!

Bon appétit!

The theme

Having a party theme will help orient all the games and decorations and maybe even the food you serve!  Go with what your child likes best to make it a party they’ll remember. If it’s a soccer party, the theme is a no brainer!

The guests

How many friends do you invite? Are they school friends, neighbourhood friends, or are they on the soccer team? Are you inviting any parents? They could come in pretty handy for managing games and getting food ready!

The decorations

Decorate the yard in the party theme. If it’s a soccer party, you’ll find tonnes of soccer-themed accessories, plates and balloons at the dollar store.


Outdoors, there’s no lack of fun game possibilities! Here are a few that’ll thrill the littlest and the biggest party guests alike:

  • Pool cannonball contest;
  • Water balloon fight;
  • Relay race;
  • Treasure hunt with clues. For a something hidden near the barbecue the clue could be “The place where Daddy feels like a king”. Finally, the mandatory water gun fight is always a big hit with everyone!


Or, just use your imagination, kids love to test out new games!